Restaurant & Food Services

We protect what you have by identifying the insurance coverage that’s right for you and your restaurant or food service business. We use our access to multiple insurance companies to deliver the best products for restaurants, bars, taverns, pizzerias, cafes, kiosks, bistros, wholesale food distributors and fine dining establishments.

  • Is your business income reflected in your coverage levels?
  • Do you understand the risk of food spoilage or contamination to your business?
  • Do you have Liquor Liability coverage?
  • Are you protected against employee liability lawsuits?
  • Do you have coverage for goods delivered to your establishment?
  • Is your cash on hand protected?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, contact us so we can evaluate your current coverage and provide you with the comprehensive insurance that protects what you actually have. Oftentimes businesses fail after an insurance loss due to shortsightedness regarding their coverage levels. Our agency provides emotional value and peace of mind.