Personal Insurance

Accidents DO happen…are you protecting what you have?

We offer insurance tailored to your needs, anticipating and protecting against unforeseen dangers. We provide a single point of contact to ensure that you’re fully covered and fairly represented.

Automobile – we can ensure proper coverage limits to prevent you from losses caused by uninsured or under-insured drivers. Our insurance can provide coverage of stolen or damaged personal property resulting from a break-in and can promise that a repair – or even a full vehicle replacement – is handled fairly and equitably.

Homeowners – we can perform a replacement cost appraisal that will show you the values of your home and its contents and help you avoid co-insurance provisions that can significantly lower your payout. We can ensure that you get full replacement coverage for your possessions and water backup coverage for unexpected water emergencies.

Umbrella – we can protect what you have against an adverse lawsuit or judgment, and can safeguard your future earnings in an increasingly litigious environment.

Flood – over the course of a 30-year mortgage, you are more likely to suffer a flood loss than that of a fire. We can make certain that you’re protected from water damage not covered under a typical Homeowners or Property policy. Having at least a Standard Flood Policy in place for your location is highly valuable today.

Boat/Yacht – you need insurance to not only to replace your watercraft, but also to recover it if it sinks during or after a loss.

Renters – you need to make sure you have insurance in place to cover rental expenses in the event of a fire. We offer coverage for a college student living in a dorm or we offer Agreed Value Replacement to protect what you have. Don’t be subject to the insurance company finding a suitable replacement for your cherished objects.