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Back to School Reminders

By September 21, 2022March 22nd, 2023No Comments
School Insurance

Here’s just a few of the tips for back-to-school driving that we’ve accumulated over the years:

1.  Be aware of children walking to and from school! Pedestrian cross walks may be white large dash marks or yellow lines in the street, and if there’s a yellow sign there too, you local laws may require you to stop. In fact, many communities now have been identifying areas where drivers are not coming to a complete stop at stop signs as well and issuing tickets.

2.  Be aware of school buses! Even though it is illegal in every State to pass a stopped school bus loading & unloading children, you should also be mindful of the 50 feet behind it and maintain that safe distance. Also remember that children are accustomed to traffic and may not always be paying attention as much as we hope they would.

3.  Try driving slower for a change! The cause of most accidents with pedestrians tends to be with distracted drivers. There is more now going on around us when driving that there used to be and paying close attention when driving slower is a great solution. A couple minutes here and there may save someone’s life.

4.  New drivers on the road! We’ve partnered-up with Hanover Insurance Company, a leader in Automobile Insurance throughout the US, and they offer a Safe Teen Driving Program which not only can save on insurance premiums and hassles, but more importantly improve their driving skills. Research in the US and Great Britain has shown that education from reliable resources within the insurance industry has improved the driving abilities of new drivers.